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Added a New Family Member

We decided to add a new family member. We have a 12 year old dog named Spur. He is a beagle mix. Mostly beagle. I had mentioned to my husband about getting another dog a couple of years ago. And he was like I'm not doing another dog, and I said I will always have a dog. Well, my Christmas present was late and in walked my husband and stepson with an 8 week old full Labrador puppy, named Rip. Oh he was so cute. He is now 14 weeks and driving me crazy!! I love him to death but this whole puppy thing has been years since I have dealt with it. He is still really cute and he is Momma's baby. But dear lord these puppy antics is unbelievable.

I got in the shower last sunday, and before I get to it, yes I know he is a Lab and they are water dogs. So normally he will walk in the shower when I turn it on and then walk around but come out. But that day he decided to stay in. I said well fine you will just have to stay in there. It was so funny! He walked around and sat right under me. And so I decided to bathe him while he was in there. He was so happy. He also tries to get in the bath with my 6 year old. I can tell he will be fun to take out to the lakes this summer.

But those puppy antics. Oh that puppy!! LOL .

Well I hope everyone is enjoying my little posts. Trying to just talk about life and let everyone know that we are all the same with different outcomes.

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