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It has been awhile. I do apologize about that. We have had some issues lately in the family. Some I cannot really talk about.

Is anyone fighting the inflation?? I bet you are. My husband and I both recently received raises from our work places and though, Oh Yay! But with the inflation of absolutley everything it really doesn't seem like you got a raise. I went to Walmart a couple of weeks ago and I spent $688!! The cart was not even full!! How are people making it? It is beyond me.

I feel bad for our children, due to the fact that if things keep going as it they are they will never be able to move out of the home and experience life without severe struggles or living with 5 other individuals and that just never works out.

Obviously we are all struggling. It just is so sad right now. Let me know your thoughts and how you all are coping with the struggle. Because it is real.

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