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Hello Everyone!! So does anyone have issues with teenagers? Let me tell you having teenagers in a blended family is so much harder. When it is your own child its not so bad, when it is your spouses child it's different. You can only say so much. You can give your opinion to your spouse and see if it works. But sometimes I just wanna blow up. The disrespect my stepson gives to my husband is awful. About 2 weeks ago I literally lost it. I told my stepson that if he does not start respecting his Dad than we can just take the truck keys of the truck that was just bought for him. He straightened up for a bit. Lastnight it happened again. I just took my ass inside the house because I was like, no way. If I talked that way to my parents back in the day I would have no teeth left.

By the way, when my daughter acts up, I confront her right away. I tell her, "Don't you talk to me that way, Im not your bestfriend, I am your mother and you respect that". Then we are good. Kids these days have no respect for anyone anymore. They don't want to do chores, they talk and cuss like truck drivers with no respect for who is around them.

I fear what the country will be like in another 10 years. It is already bad but these kids will be running our world. It is a bit scary. I love my stepson to death, he is a good boy most of the time. But the disrespecting your parents just kills me inside. Anyone else want to share their story??

Y'all have a blessed day and a blessed weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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